Learnings from the May session

This review process seems to be working. Going into the May session, we were determined to make some real gains. We were organized and we saw some big improvements!

The morning rush didn’t overwhelm us, for example. We have a 3+ step checkin process so effectively getting 50-100 people in the door in a few minutes is a challenge. Big props to the mentors who arrived early, gave valuable input and took responsibility. And to the parents who brought pre-filled waiver forms!

We were also very happy to see the growing enthusiasm for our mastery badges, and the initiative that kids have shown towards them. The Mother’s Day theme made everyone smile. (We’re looking forward to the Father’s Day theme in June.) And our new all-digital presentation assessment process was a hit. So we came away from the day feeling pretty chuffed.

Of course, we’re an ambitious group so we’re not just going to be happy with the things that went well. Here are some things that we’re going to focus on next session:

  1. Summer programs! As professionals, we don’t have the months of disrupted schedule that kids have. It took us a little by surprise when we got a couple questions from parents about what their kids should be doing. We’ve got some suggestions and we’ll make sure that mentors know where to point parents. Our parent resources page, for example.
  2. We missed our lead mentor in charge of curriculum! He was unfortunately unable to attend in May. He has done a fantastic job and it sent us scrambling a little to fill his shoes. What do we learn from this? That we love him very much? Yes. That we should have more detailed lists of responsibilities? Maybe. As software engineers, we know all about single points of failure and missing this one person had a fair impact.
  3. We need to make a bigger deal out of our master badge ceremony. It’s a great milestone when a kid becomes really good at something, and we need to make mastery badge presentations a special experience.
  4. And as per last time (and the time before), we will continue to mindfully practice our processes so that we can run more smoothly, communicate more effectively and avoid forgetting parts. Practice makes perfect.

As always, we love hearing from parents and kids outside of sessions. If you’ve got a question about badges, summer programs, or session details, feel free to post a comment, or contact us via any of our social channels.

See you at the June Father’s Day session!

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