August 5, 2017 – KC Kids Conference

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Welcome to CoderDojoKC! Let’s get you started!

Looking for something to do? Practice your typing skills! is a great way to keep your fingers nimble and learn where some of those tricky keys are located.

Step One: Start Learning!

If you don’t know which programming language to start learning, we recommend Scratch (if Scratch is not to your speed, check out the link in the sidebar on the right).

You will need a parent or guardian’s help to create a Scratch login:

  1. Click “Join Scratch” in the upper right-hand corner of the Scratch site.
  2. Create a username that does not include your real name.
  3. Think of a password that you can remember easily. You should have your parent or guardian write this down and save it.
  4. Click “Next” and continue following the directions. You will need a valid email address (yours or your guardian’s) to continue.

Once you have a Scratch login, use the links below to build something awesome.

Step Two: Check Out the Projects

Today’s theme: Vacation: Go somewhere else!

Today’s Concept: Text & User Input

If you ask almost any programmer who they write programs for, they will all tell you that they write them for clients, other people. All of these programs rely upon input from those other people in order to be useful. If you think about the games that you love to play, those games are fun to play because they rely upon some kind of input from you — it could be the press of a button, wiggling a joystick, or typing an answer. Today, we’ll look at the a user typing in text in order to provide input for your program.

In Scratch, we have one way of getting user input as text: Scratch: Ask and Wait. This will ask for input and store that input as an answer variable that you can use later: Scratch: Answer Variable.

If you ask several questions, you will want to store each of those answers in a different variable before asking another question. Scratch: Set answer to variable


For today’s session, please try either or both of these two things: The theme of going somewhere and the use of text input. You are welcome to remix the sample project or create a new one.

Projects by students at CoderDojo: July Scratch Presentations

Example Project: Where do you want to go for vacation?