Junior Mentor Program


CoderDojoKC is launching a new initiative to help our returning attendees continue to learn and grow, called the Junior Mentor Program. Junior mentors will help greet and welcome newcomers, direct them to tables, help them get on WiFi, and show them how to go to get started on session work. Junior mentors will get to spend more time in the early mornings with the CoderDojoKC team, learning to mentor, organize, and build leadership skills. After morning presentations, junior mentors will return to working on their own projects and improving their coding skills. Junior mentors will receive their own special T-shirt similar to the adult mentors to show their achievement.

Attendees can apply to be a junior mentor if:

  • They’ve attended at least 5 CoderDojoKC sessions
  • Received a Mastery or been a Themed Presentation winner (1st or 2nd place)
  • Are able to arrive by 8:15am

Apply to be a Junior Mentor here.