Bringing the Dojo to Kansas City

CoderDojo is phenomenal concept greatly needed in Kansas City. There is a huge need for technical, code-based skill sets, and access to tools and ways to learn isn’t as readily available as we would like. Enter CoderDojo, a fun concept of teaching kids to code through the power of volunteers and mentors. Mentors, put your coding black belts on, and get ready for a great experience.

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One comment on “Bringing the Dojo to Kansas City
  1. I’m relocating to KC and am interested in learning more about this program and how my skills might be valuable as a volunteer. I’m not a developer, but work with site code and analytics day in and day out from and SEO perspective.

    I move to KC right after Christmas and may be able to commit to some Saturdays if my schedule permits. Do you have a 2014 calendar available to view to consider for volunteering?

    Sarah Pickert

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