’s After School Coding

With a very successful session under our belt, we allowed more kids to attend the November session, and recruited 22 mentors and 3 volunteers to support them. We changed things up a bit by directing the kids to sign up for Code Academy has released two tracks – a fall semester for HTML and a spring semester for javaScript. Each semester is based on 9 weeks of learning, but we allowed kids to move at their own pace, and of course they blew through it, surprising and delighting some of the new mentors.

When some of the kids were clearly easily conquering the material, we challenged them to form teams and build javascript trivia quizzes to test each other using tools like jsfiddle’s collaborator feature, which kept them happily occupied.

Session Details:

  • Tuesday, November 5th, 4-7pm
  • @ Google Fiber Space
  • 45 kids
  • 22 mentors
  • 3 volunteers
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