September 12, 2015

Welcome to CoderDojoKC! Let’s get you started! If you haven’t when you arrived, please fill out our demographics survey!

Step One: Wifi

1. Open up your internet connection and connect to “Fiber Public WiFi

2. Can’t connect? Raise your hand and a mentor will get you a hotspot to connect to.

3. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser.

Step Two: Typing Practice!

You warm up to play sports, right? We’re going to do the same thing to warm up to code!

1) Go to & sign in with your gmail address. Don’t have one? Ask your parent or a mentor for help!

2) Choose one of the programming languages. Don’t know which to start with? Try Javascript jQuery, LESS Bootstrap or Python Mercurial.

Step Three: Learn to Code

1. Are you brand new to coding? Start with Codecademy (recommended for 13 years & up) or Scratch (recommended for 12 years & under).  Want to try building your own phone application? Check out App Inventor! Be sure to create an account and write down your username and password so you won’t forget!

2. Do you have a little coding under your belt? Are you ready to learn more? Check out these fun games:

3. Were you working on a project from our last session? Feel free to continue on that, and ask mentors if you need any help!

4. Get started on the new project. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Step Four: Check Out the Projects

Mastery – Feeling masterful? Check out the requirements for our mastery badges. You can earn cool pins!

Teach the Dojo
School started a few weeks ago and you have been learning many new things. From your teachers, you’ve learned new ways of approaching math, literature, history, science, & etc. What if you were the teacher and could teach anything that you wanted? What would you teach? Do you have something that you can teach the Dojo? Your assignment is to teach us something while utilizing your coding super powers. In other words, build a web page, a Scratch story or game, code an animation, … that will teach that thing.

  1. Think of something your fellow CoderDojoers don’t know
  2. Provide steps in your project for learning that thing
  3. Show the finish.

Some examples of what you can teach us:

  • How to make chocolate chip cookies
  • How to make the perfect paper airplane
  • How to survive 4th Grade
  • How to whistle with a blade of grass

We want to learn!

Step Five: Show Off!

Did you create something awesome based off of one of these projects? Come present it on stage! Presentations will start at 11:15am. Let a mentor know you want to show off your work. Scratch projects that will be presented will be added the CoderDojoKC Studio by Mentor Eric.

**Presentations may not contain any violence, gore, or bad words. (And we’re counting “sucks” as a bad word!)