Cloud 9 – Getting hints and help writing code from a machine!

Cloud 9 is a ‘Integrated Development Environment.’ But that’s way too hard to say, so we just call it an ‘IDE.’ These things are a huge help to coders, yes even the professionals. They help remind us what options are available, what might be causing problems in our code, and even make it easier to read. We’re proud to offer you a student account through CoderDojoKC so you can try it out for yourself.

Getting an account

To get started, request access to Cloud 9 using the button below:

Request Cloud 9 Account

This will alert the mentors that you need an account. We’ll create it and you should see the invite in your email to get started. If you don’t get it in 15 minutes, be sure to tell us you’re waiting!

Create a new workspace

1. From your workspaces view

Select ‘Create a new workspace’.

2. You’ll see some options to help and describe your project.

Each workspace contains all the files you need to complete a project.
The name is permanent, but you can always copy files to a new project later. Don’t think too hard about this part! Names like ‘calculator’ or ‘my projects website’ are a great start.

3. Hosted vs clone vs remote what?!

There’s a few options here for how you’d like to *start* your project. For your purposes, you’ll do one of two things:

Hosted workspace:
This nearly always what you want. You create a new project starting from a template, or from an existing git project.

Clone workspace:
This is the easy way to rename your project, or just make a copy to chase some other idea.

4. Clone from Git

Some students that are getting very comfortable may have a github account already. If you don’t know what any of that is yet, it’s no problem at all! You can leave this blank. If you do have a github project ready, this will let you make it easy to check in code from your project.

5. Choose a template:

Don’t think about this one. We’ll be teaching you out of the HTML 5 template in nearly every project.